With Every Breath

Book #2 of the Sea Swept Series
The Sea Swept books are stand-alone romances, and can be read in any order :)

Reeling from the loss of her sister, Yasmin Alejo takes a job as a photographer on board the cruise ship Radiant Star. All she wants is some time to heal, the way she’s been unable to so far—but her annoying (and annoyingly sexy) boss won’t give her any peace.

West Campbell used to care about more than money, but now he has only one goal: squeezing as much profit from the Radiant Star’s photography department as he can, in order to win a prized corporate management job. He won’t let anyone mess with that—especially not the feisty and gorgeous Yasmin, who seems more interested in getting to know passengers than selling them vacation packages.

As they sail across open waters, Yasmin and West fight storms, seasickness, and each other, until they can’t deny their connection any longer. Every tantalizing kiss takes their breaths away … but if they can’t get over the past, it might destroy their future.

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